I have been raising dogs and cats for decades! One of my favorite things to make is bone broth for a daily addition to the rest of their meals or when any illness may occur.

Why bone broth is so beneficial…

When you make bone broth, bones , ligaments, feet, tendons are used. These release collagen when cooked. Collagen is an important part of protein.

Here are just some of the benefits ;

It aids in repairing injuries• It can form a protective lining to repair a leaky gut issue • It’s perfect for elderly pets and ailing pets because it’s the perfect hydration for them when they aren’t eating well • Joint health, the broth is broken down into amino acids that are necessary to rebuild tissue. Skin and coat health is unbelievable in pets fed bone broth.

If you do have a pet with health issues and are using medication, bone broth aids in liver detoxification.

Clover and Eve’s shiny coats
My Newfoundlands always have very healthy coats with no dryness even in cold Pennsylvania winters.

Beef bone broth recipe

I make mine in a crockpot. It’s simple , doesn’t take any effort and you basically put in the bones, meat , vegetables if you like and let it cook for 12 hours.

The method:

Buy beef bones at the grocery store, I use 6-8 , they are very inexpensive. You can also add any cuts of beef that you like, you can add carrots, celery, parsley, all are good choices.

In your crockpot, put all the bones, meat and vegetables in the bottom and add water to cover plus *** very important, apple cider vinegar. Add 3-4 big tablespoons full. This is what is going to leach, or draw all the collagen and marrow out of the bones.

Cook on high for 2 hours, then reduce to low for another 10.

When finished it will be gelatinous, that’s what you want. If it isn’t, it’s ok, just add more vinegar next time.

Let cool & strain. Do not give your dogs cooked bones , ever. Throw them out.

Store in fridge. The amount depends on your size of dog or cat. I would start out with a small amount for a dog / cat 20 pounds and under, 2 tablespoons full with their meal or alone. For larger dogs, 4 ounces, my Newfs get 6 ounces per day.

Eve running to get her dinner.

In my experience, dogs fed a species correct diet are healthier in many ways.

An ancestral diet aids in the correct balance of protein, fats, bone & vegetation, and virtually ends allergies and so many health problems.

Clover has a long wait… 12 hours in the crockpot.
Happy dogs equals happy mom.
Happy eating healthy for yourself & your pets. Xoxo, Erin

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