My favorite kind of evening

It’s almost September and you can just start to feel that Fall is right around the corner. The nights are cooler and the sun is casting longer shadows on the grass.

One of my favorite things to do is to start decorating for the new season to arrive.

Try something different! Use the big pumpkin leaves from your garden in various bottles, you don’t have to have flowers all the time.
Hydrangeas & dill from the garden.

One of my favorite dinners to make is decadent yet simple, grilled halibut with a cucumber salad.

The fish is a tender , melt in your mouth texture that’s buttery and delicate. Just a simple side is all you need . The fish is the star of the meal.

Grilled halibut
Simple cucumber salad, dressed with champagne vinegar, sesame oil, a dash of Tamari, sea salt, cayenne pepper, and green onions.

The end of the perfect evening is a fire, a glass of wine and a beautiful sunset.

Turn up the sound to hear the crickets.
Spectacular sunset
Hope you have perfect evenings and beautiful sunsets. Xo , Erin
The end of the day.

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